Magnetizing Mobility

Our Vision for the Future

At MACH, we believe in a future that is more connected.

Harnessing maglev's frictionless motion and hybrid electromagnetic technology, we've developed a platform to enable more efficient and economical payload transport.

Our modular design language allows for high fidelity, high-speed, and low-energy mobility applications across multiple industries

Potential Industrial Applications of MACH Technology
Overhead picture of IndyCAR vehicles at Indy200 ar Mid-Ohio Raceway.
OUr Flagship product

The MACH Vision

At MACH, we are revolutionizing the way viewers around the world experience race day on the track.​

The MACH Vision prototype uses cutting edge maglev and AI image recognition technology to develop high speed, ultra-stable camera vehicles to take fans right up to the action.

Our Partners

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Winners of the Dr. Eric L. Jones Endowed Scholarship in Innovation
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The MACH Team

Jack Phillips Headshot
Chief Executive Officer
Jack Phillips
Aaditya Ranjit Headshot
Chief Operating Officer
Aaditya Ranjit
Apoorv Agarwal Headshot
Chief Technology Officer
Apoorv Agarwal
Chief Product Officer
Rohan Kapoor
Jason Ikonomopoulos Headshot
VP of Research and Development
Jason Ikonomopoulos
Alex Koo Headshot
Chief Software Officer
Alex Koo

Strategic Board

James Hinchcliffe Headshot
James Hinchcliffe

NBC Sports and F1 TV Broadcaster
Six-time NTT IndyCAR Series
Race Winner
Ashley Jennings Headshot
Ashley Jennings

Managing Director at Texas
Innovation Center @ UT Austin
Former ABC Field News Producer